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Aerin is a highly professional real estate expert. She has the grasp of the language to clearly explain every part of the process for buying an apartment in Seoul. I will use her service next time again, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about coming to Korea for the need in real estate!

-- Jade N.

Aerin and her team helped me greatly with the transaction of my property in Seoul. Everything was done perfectly while I was in Canada with simple communication on the phone with her, without having to come to Korea and oversee myself possibly very complicated and confusing process. Two thumbs up!

-- Mrs. K

Aerin is, in a word, a consummate professional. […] Aerin is the real estate professional we all want to find. She is the sort of person we all search for in a foreign land, where we are the stranger. Aerin listens. Aerin focuses. Aerin understands what her clients want. For my family and me, Aerin worked for us – not for herself. The short term gains most other agents aimed for clearly held no appeal for Aerin. […] if you need the absolute best guidance in a place that is new and different for you, like Seoul Korea, Aerin is the right person to serve your interests. […]

-- John K.

Aerin was very accommodating and answered every question I had […] Once I had decided on the apartment that I wanted Aerin was quick to make things happen. […] Aerin went way above my expectations of what an agent should and could be. Now I am spoiled. I would highly recommend her to anyone. If there were 10 stars I would give her eleven. Just an amazing experience that I can not say enough about.

-- Jeremy W.

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