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Lotte World Tower - Gangnam - SEOUL

All pictures and drawings © by Lotte ​





The Lotte World Tower is one of Korea's architectural crown jewels. The tower symbolizes the meeting of the modern with the traditional, nature and cutting edge technology, and the accomplishments of man. Lotte World Tower contains everything that is necessary for modern urban living.

Soaring 555m into the air; with 123 stories, Lotte World Tower is home to Korea's tallest observation deck, (at 500m) Seoul Sky. Korea's newest luxury landmark hotel, Signiel Seoul is also located at Lotte World Tower. Also located in the tower is Podium, a multi-floor, multipurpose space where visitors will find a healthcare center, a fitness center, and a financial center.​​

Apartments in the Lotte Signiel Residences, reaching from the 42nd to 71st floors of the 123-story Lotte World Tower, currently the tallest skyscraper in the country 

“Each unit will be decked with high-quality finishing materials,” Lotte said in a statement, “and we will provide residents with the services of a six-star hotel, not to mention a spectacular view.” Services will include apartment upkeep and valet parking.


Lotte World Tower also allotted floors from 108th to 114th for office uses, naming the section as the Premier 7 on top of the Prime Office zone covering floors from 14th to 38th. 

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