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 Offer of the Week



Alpha Properties has a special property in UN Village for you, please have a look


Type: Duplex Townhouse in UN Village (Seoul, Hannam-dong)

Name: Kovern House

Units: 4

Size: - Gross: 94.08 Pyong / 311sqm

Net: 82.79 Pyong / 273.7sqm

Location: The living room is south facing

Furnishings: 5 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms

Parking: 4 garage parking spaces

Security: Video surveillance and fencing of the property

Price: 5.5 Billion Korean WON



In the center of Seoul, the bustling capital of South Korea, is the luxurious district of Hannam, one of the most popular residential areas for Korean celebrities, business people and senior Diplomats. Unlike many other districts of Seoul, the inhabitants of Hannam's proximity to a collection of new, trendy nightlife and retail stores without Crowds.And within Hannam - named after its location next to the Han River and Nam Mountain - is one of the richest and most exclusive areas of the country: UN Village, a complex from luxury villas and large houses on steep slopes with breathtaking views of the river and the mountains. According to Ms. Aerin Paik, CEO of Alpha Properties, one of the main reasons why UN Village real estate is so sought after is the good feng shui. "A good site location needs mountains and have a river in front of them, and the UN Village has both, so it's considered the best location viewed, "she says. Located on the east side of Hannam entrance gate of the UN village on the western border of the Dokseodang Street is monitored by security guards around the clock. The eastern ones Borders run along the Seobinggo Road along the Nam River and become the south roughly bordered by Hannam Boulevard and to the north by Hallimmal Street.

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